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The Bilice Resort







Experience and solid deal track in buying, selling and developing real estate in the region gives us an edge over our competition.

Potential business partners can get involved in our projects or we can accomodate your needs by searching for a tailor made real estate project.

We are not merely focusing on finding the right location, we will also strive to do our best at project management of the real estate. If so requested, we will look for the most advantageous urbanistic, building planning, construction an marketing solutions on your behalf.

Business network and in-dept knowledge of the market make us one of the best choices for potential Slovenian investments. We feel comfortable doing real estate development in Croatia and Romania as well.

We firmly believe that cooperation with local partners is essential for profit maximization of one's real estate project.

Investors can benefit from such an approach in many ways: getting local contacts, insight of the market, learn »soft data« to name just a few.